Tracy Designs, Builds And Maintains The SoCal Seahawks Fans Social Media Channels

Tracy designs, builds and maintains the Twitter account and YouTube channel for the SoCal Seahawks Fans organization, the largest Seahawks fan club in the country. He handles all aspects of the social media channels’ setup and updates: posts, artwork, page construction, video footage, video editing, etc.

The channels give the SoCal Seahawks Fans a national/international web presence and a way to instantly connect with its group members, the media, national and international Seahawks fan clubs and other NFL team fan clubs around the league. They also provide a way for the organization to communicate with Seahawks players and coaches – for example: during the 2016 playoffs, this response by the team the day they flew to Super Bowl 49, and this tweet by Seahawks coach Pete Carroll that caused a video that Tracy shot for the SCSF YouTube channel to go viral.

The channels have been used to support/build all SoCal Seahawks Fans major initiatives:
1. The Richard and Beverly Sherman for Chunky Soup campaign, which has appeared in media outlets including My Northwest and Sports Illustrated. Update: The Shermans were selected for the 2014 NFL season and the ad campaign began airing in August. It includes the founder of the SoCal Seahawks Fans, Cedric Morris — who conceived the grassroots campaign — as the Feathered Defender.
2. The 12s banner over Candlestick Park/Wounded Warrior Project benefit, which went viral and appeared in national, Seattle, and San Francisco media outlets such as FOX Sports, CBS Sports, and KOMO News TV (Seattle). Excess banner donations allowed the SoCal Seahawks Fans to contribute over $3,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project charity on behalf of the 12s. The banner also spawned imitators during the Seahawks’ appearance in Super Bowl XLVIII.
3. SoCal Seahawks Fans charitable contributions/events, including the annual Wounded Warrior Project benefit on both YouTube and Twitter.
4. Seahawks player events that take place in Southern California: Marshawn Lynch’s annual charity golf tournament in the City of Industry, etc.

The channels are also being used to amplify the SoCal Seahawks Fans/Backstage Bar & Grill’s prominent position in the national media with regard to being a top destination for Seahawks fans:
1. The Best Sports Bars For Watching Super Bowl XLIX – Maxim magazine and the related retweet
2. Best Bars To Watch The 2015 Superbowl in Los Angeles – The Daily Meal
3. Best Broncos and Seahawks Bars to Watch Super Bowl XLVIII – The Daily Beast
4. Top 10 Seattle Seahawks Sports Bars – Accidental Travel Writer

The YouTube channel was featured in the Los Angeles Daily News’ story about the SoCal Seahawks Fans before Super Bowl XLIV and NPR Member Station KPCC’s (Pasadena, CA) online/radio story about the group before Super Bowl XLVIII. KTLA Morning News’ Allie Mac Kay tweeted the SoCal Seahawks Fans’ Twitter handle to her followers, alerting them to segments she was doing with the group and the Los Angeles Denver Broncos Fans the Friday before Super Bowl.

Visit the channels:
Click here to visit the SoCal Seahawks Fans Twitter Account
Click here to visit the SoCal Seahawks Fans YouTube Channel

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